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About us

In 2010 our founder Chris Clay began exploring approaches that would treat the diverse learners in a classroom as a knowledge ecosystem rather than a set of individuals. Following some startling results, STEM unleashed was created in order to support teachers to nurture vibrant knowledge building communities in their schools.

As our skills relating to knowledge building have developed so has our ability to apply this to professional learning. Working with a wide range of organisations we help teams of educators maximise the potential of diversity in order to make more sense of their contexts and seek out novel ways of overcoming challenges.

Our team have a vast wealth of experience in consultancy and research. As well as schools and Universities, we have worked with a range of NGOs, government departments and other organisations including The Smithsonian Institute, Singularity University, Microsoft, The New Zealand Council for Educational Research and Principals Australia.

Chris is also an accomplished public speaker who has delivered keynote talks at many international conferences as well as speaking on the TEDx stage and the Singularity UNZ Summit.